Is it time to clean out your closet? As you do, be sure to set aside items that you can sell at Preloved Threads! Learn more at the following links:
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We are excited to be going on our seventh sale, but we have become increasingly tight on space at our Edgewood Grange location and, after six sales, we also what sells and what doesn’t sell well. Please follow these guidelines to ensure a successful sale for you and for shoppers!


Women’s Clothing – Pants and jeans, skirts, dresses, tops and blouses, sweaters, jackets, active wear, tank tops, shorts, swimsuits, lounge wear (night gowns, pajamas), maternity clothing, shoes.

Women’s Accessories – jewelry, fashion scarves, belts, new make-up, new perfumes, sunglasses, wallets, purses.

Home Décor – small wall décor, table lamps, small furniture, faux foliage, frames, organization items/supplies, quality candle holders and unused candles, mint condition and in demand books/dvds, and other items at our discretion (unsold home décor MUST be picked up after the sale, we DO NOT donate these items).

NOTE: *Staff will refuse or reject any items that do not fit with the overall quality and style of the sale. Our goal is to provide an elevated shopping experienced that does not feel like shopping at a rummage or garage sale.


Spring Only Items – shorts, flip flops, strappy sandals, summer prints

Fall Only Items– Heavy coats, insulated boots, snow gear, winter gloves and scarves, beanies, winter prints

WHAT’S NOT ALLOWED updated 2/2018:
Please be sure to follow our guidelines to save yourself time and effort in bringing only the items that will sell. Clothing in poor condition doesn’t sell and makes it difficult for shoppers to comb through to find what they really want.

NO items that are stained, ripped, thinning, unraveling, old-fashioned, not in season
NO Business Suits
NO Business-style blazers
NO Formal wear or wedding dresses
NO Used undergarments
NO Souvenir t-shirts or sweatshirts
NO Knick Knacks (souvenir items, kitschy figurines, etc.)
NO Kitchen appliances
NO Throw Pillows
NO Bedding
NO Books in poor condition/bent pages/outdated
NO Oversized wall art or pictures
NO Used Make-up or Toiletries
NO Knock-offs (unless explained on sale tag)

If you do not see something discussed on this page and you are wondering if it is ok to sell, feel free to send us an email or Facebook message to inquire.