WHAT TO SELL     |     PREPPING & TAGGING     |     DROP-OFF     |     PICK-UP

So you’ve cleaned out your closet. Now what? It’s time to prep and tag!

Preparing Your Items:

Clothes will sell best if you get them in their best shape, just as if you were going to wear them.

  • Make sure everything is washed and clean.
  • If they are wrinkled, iron them or use Downy Wrinkle Release spray.
  • Hang items correctly – shirts/dresses/jackets on standard hangers; pants/skirts/shorts on pant hangers.
  • Please no wire hangers.
  • Pants ARE NOT accepted if folded over a hanger.

Gather Supplies:

  • White cardstock to print your tags on. No thin copy paper or colored cardstock is allowed.
  • A tagging gun, safety pins or string to attach tags to your items.
  • Appropriate hangers for your clothing types.
  • Zip ties and/or painters tape for shoes and decor.
  • Ziploc bags (if needed for jewlery).

Pricing Tips:

The most common shopper comment at Preloved Threads goes a little something like this: “I just love this item, but it is priced a bit too high for something used.” Pricing your items can be one of the hardest part of the process and is often perfected with trial and error. So, here are some things to consider: How new is it? How trendy is it? What kind of shape is it in? What is it selling for in consignment shops or online? What price would YOU pay for it? Do you really want to have to pick it up if it doesn’t sell? Other tips:

  • Aim to price items at 60-90% off of retail prices.
  • Mark items to go half off on Sunday to give it a better chance to find a new home before the sale ends.
  • Be careful not to over price designer items just because they are designer. Shoppers are looking for bargains!
  • Make sure your items are displayed in the best way possible, they will be more likely to sell. For example, a freshly ironed shirt hanging nicely on a hanger will sell way faster than a wrinkled blouse hanging crooked on a wire hanger.
  • There are a lot of jeans at our sale and a lot of shoppers looking for jeans, so price yours to sell to make them stand out!

How to Tag:

As you enter your items into the online tagging system, keep these things in mind:

  • Describing Items: Be as descriptive as possible when listing your item. If a your item and its tag get separated during the sale, we cannot sell the item unless we can clearly tell who’s it is. If you tag your pants as “Jeans” we will not be able to re-match it to its tag because there are a couple hundred pairs of jeans at the sale. However, if you list your item as “Dark blue Levi’s 550” that may be the only pair and we can easily match it to its tag.
  • Half Price Sale: Do you want your item to reduce to half off after 5 p.m. on Saturday? If your item hasn’t sold between Wednesday and Saturday, its possible that you priced it too high. Marking it to go half off on the last day is a great way to get it to sell.
  • Donations: Are you planning to pick-up your unsold items at the end of the sale? If you don’t want the hassle, then mark your items to be donated if they do not sell. Donated items go to our great partner charity the St. Francis House in Puyallup.
  • Placing Tags: The easiest way to attach tags to your clothing items is with a tagging gun! You can purchase a retail tagging gun and fasteners for the lowest prices on amazon. Usually, Office Depot and Staples also sell tagging guns, but often $20-$30 more.
    • Clothing – Use your tagging gun, or safety pins if you do not have a gun, to attach your tag to you clothing item. The best placement is to attach your tag to the inside tag of your item (that usually lists the item’s size). If there is no tag, attach your tag to an inside seam. Tagging guns and safety pins will leave holes in clothing, so DO NOT attach your tags to the clothing item itself. Attach the price tag to the clothing tag or inside seam if possible.
    • Shoes – If it is impossible to attach the tag using a tagging gun or safety pin, try using string or a zip tie to attach the tag to an eyelet or buckle of the shoe. If that is not an option either, you can attach your tag to one of the shoes using painter’s tape. Do not use tape that is hard to remove or will leave a residue or your shoes won’t sell.
    • Jewelry – We try to display most jewelry on jewelry boards, trees, and displays. If it is not possible to attach your tag to a bracelet or necklace using string, place your item inside a Ziploc baggie with your tag inside. Earrings can be attached right to the tag by pushing them through the cardstock and affixing the back.
    • Other items – Use painter’s tape or string to attach tags to other items like home décor, belts, etc.