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It’s Sale Time!

Drop-off Appointments:
You’re items are prepped and tagged. Now its time to bring it all down to the sale. First, you will need to log in to your consignor account and select a drop off appointment. Appointments are available on a first come, first served basis.

Your 30-minute appointment will allow you time to check-in, load in your items, go through inspection, and place your items out on the sales floor. Past consignors with no rejects in their history will be able to skip inspection and place their items directly on the sales floor.

During inspection, we will be looking through your items to make sure that you’ve followed the selling guidelines, your items are properly hung and you didn’t miss any items that are stained, ripped, out of season, too old, or not suitable for the sale. If pulled, these items will need to go home with you. Staff may also pull items during the sale that are unacceptable and were missed during the drop-off process.

Consignor Agreement:
All consignors must complete the consignor agreement form (coming soon) and turn it in at their scheduled drop-off appointment.

Drop-off Tips:

  • It is a good idea to lay your items nicely inside plastic totes, bins, or boxes. Please do not bring clothing in garbage bags. Items too wrinkled will not be accepted. You’re items should look ready to wear!
  • Try to arrive within the first 10 minutes of your appointment. If you arrive too late, you will not have enough time to go through the check-in process and may have to wait until inspectors can squeeze you in between other appointments.
  • Come into the building and check in BEFORE you bring any of your items inside. Check-in time is pretty hectic and it saves time and stress to know exactly what you need to do and where to place your items before you start unloading.
  • Any boxes or bins brought in, need to go back out with you. We are strapped for space at the venue and do not have room to store anything during the sale.